SYHA 'Give Us A Break' 2014

Rowardennan, on the banks of Loch Lomond, is one of my favourite places. This was the location for the filming of an incredibly inspiring project during two of the hottest days of the summer.

'SYHA' (Hostelling Scotland) commissioned a promotional documentary film about their ‘Give Us A Break’ programme.

The project that we covered involved 10 children from a Barnado’s group in Kilmarnock who took part in two days of activities to give them experience of the great outdoors. The children enjoyed team skills, canoeing, mountain biking and bush crafts.

The purpose of this programme is to provide these experiences to groups of children who wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to enjoy the countryside due to their background and circumstances. Research over the years has proved that this is a highly valuable exercise, producing very positive outcomes for the young people who take part.

Since ‘Give Us A Break’ started in 2004 Provident has provided £280,000 of funding towards the costs, this has allowed over 3,000 young people from all over Scotland have been able to take part.

As we filmed the activities and got to know the children and staff it was incredibly inspiring to see their journey through the progress. All learned new skills and coped extremely well with the challenges and tasks.

Here is the final film which SYHA that are using to promote the experience to other groups throughout Scotland. If you are interested in getting video and photography for your organisation please call me on 01360 661029.