Love Loch Lomond - 2015

For the last few years I have worked with Love Loch Lomond  to create a variety of promotional tools for marketing Loch Lomond to audiences across the world. Since 2010 I have produced podcasts and videos for the destination group as well as capturing many new photographs and providing them with access to my bank of scenic Scottish images.

Last summer we created a new map and guide to Loch Lomond, using my photography. This guide is distributed across Scotland, helping to promote the destination.

Planned for 2015 is another of my Photography Training Courses for Business. This is to train more of their members on the skills of capturing their product in quality images.

The most recent piece of work is this 30 second promotion for Loch Lomond, which is played on screens to passengers using Edinburgh Airport.

For more information about Promotional Video, Photography & Marketing please call me on 01360 661029. You will find further examples of my work on a Love Loch Lomond blog.