DVD Filming & Production - 2014

I produce many short, corporate videos. They are all very strategically designed to cut through with a simple and impactful message.

Recently there are a growing number of organisations that are seeking a DVD to showcase their work and to sell onto customers. This content can of course vary considerably between different projects. However, the principal is the same, to produce a professional DVD, ready for sale.

I manage every stage of the process, from storyboard to scripts, filming, editing, approvals, classification and then production as boxed and sealed DVD’s. I can also arrange the design of the cover, marketing, on-line sales and delivery to customers.

Working with minimum quantities of 1,000 it is simple to not only promote what you do but to create a new revenue stream for your organisation.

Clients so far include Love Loch Lomond who have used DVD’s to play in hotel and B&B rooms, The Maid of the Loch, which involved a documentary about this iconic steamship, The Friends of Loch Lomond and the recently launched comedy DVD, ‘Des McLean’s A to Z of Scotland’.

For more information about the total filming to DVD process please call me on (01360) 661029.